How Small Nonprofits Can Reduce Financial Risk

Small nonprofits often take incredible financial risks by waiting to segregate bookkeeping responsibilities.


There is over a 60% chance of a nonprofit becoming a victim of fraud. The high frequency of fraud is due to a lack of resources dedicated to implementing internal controls and segregation of duties. Often nonprofits rely on a single volunteer or staff member to handle all of the bookkeeping responsibilities which leaves an incredible amount of opportunity for those people to commit fraud.

It is the leadership’s duty and responsibility to setup these internal controls and segregation of duties early. We offer free consulting to help nonprofit leadership learn to segregate bookkeeping duties and protect themselves.


You'll Save Time

Reduced Financial Risk

You Receive One on One Support

Quickbooks Account Setup & Training

Sensible Fees

For a minimal fee, our bookkeepers will setup your Quickbooks data file, chart of accounts, electronic bank download, and teach you, a staff member, volunteer, and/or board member how to update and reconcile the organizations bookkeeping.