Start Up

There are a few characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs value, and one of those is investing in a good accountant. They understand that getting educated, and setting their business up right is step number one; spending a little money now will pay dividends in the future.


Rogue Tax specializes in educating small business owners on how to get their business going correctly. Choosing the best business entity, applying for the correct licenses, and choosing good accounting software.


Making the leap to self employment is perhaps the most difficult obstacle an entrepreneur will have to make. The next obstacle is establishing business growth, of course the most important component to growing a business is choosing a method of marketing and advertising. However, there are many other considerations that should be addressed, including but not limited to, pricing, capacity, systems, budgeting, and human resources. 


Having been in business for over 13 years, and having gone through the many growing pains, the team at Rogue Tax can assist entrepreneurs in developing their strategies, and to avoid the many mistakes small business owners will make, unless establishing experienced guidance. 


By this time a successful small business, should not only have established an accounting team, but also have relationships with legal, insurance, financial advising, and perhaps human resource professionals.


With a robust team of professionals and a solid business model, businesses can now plan for the long run. Rogue Tax can can work with other professionals to facilitate planning for the long term.


Including tax planning, Rogue Tax can assist in creating an investment strategy, establishing a robust benefits package, or helping prepare for the Founder's exit strategy. 

Exit Strategy

The exit strategy of the business owner, is perhaps the most under appreciated phase of a business' life cycle. It is vitally important to plan for this phase years in advance.


The difference between planning and not planning could mean the opportunity to leave the business and it's legacy intact, and being paid for the value of the business. Or, if nothing is done, the business will likely simply disappear, or worse dissolve with debt, if the former owner/operator were to have some sort of unexpected medical emergency.


We can help business owners plan for the future & create an exit strategy. 

We Care About Our clients and Celebrate Their Success!