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Friends Do Not Let Friends Use Turbotax!

Do it yourself software often attempts to make decisions only an experienced tax professional has the knowledge to answer appropriately. Turbo Tax and software similar to it use a minimal amount of data to make important decisions that could have ramifications lasting several years.

For example, if a new vehicle is purchased the first year of operation Turbo Tax will attempt to fully depreciate the vehicle even if there is little to no tax consequence. Once this choice has been made the tax payer cannot choose the Standard Mileage deduction, which would have likely been a more lucrative tax deduction for all years following years the vehicle is in service.

Rogue Tax Professionals LLC is based in the heart of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley; named after Oregon’s most scenic River the Rogue River. Rogue Tax has embraced the name even though to people outside the Rogue Valley it might seem controversial.




Choosing the Right Business Structure at the Right Time can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars.


Rogue Tax Pros offers tax accounting services with the primary goal of mitigating our clients’ tax liability and by reducing their risk of tax audit.

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Smart business owners know the importance of keeping a close eye on their company’s financial records. Without them, sound business decisions based on solid financial numbers cannot be made. Rogue Tax Pros understand your company’s needs.

Good for Business. Good for the Valley.

Rogue Tax Professionals is dedicated to sustainability through the implementation and promotion of business practices that encourage economic, social, and environmental well-being.

We maintain a constant state of environmental awareness. We purchase and use 100% recycled paper products, whenever possible, and by reducing unnecessary consumption, Rogue Tax Professionals and its clients benefit economically while limiting the degeneration of natural resources.


IRC 280E limits the expenses that can be taken as a deduction against income by a cannabis business to only Cost of Goods Sold. Navigating the IRC 280E limitations can be a daunting task; if not properly understood the risk of paying too much tax, or being audited, is high.