We Take the Complexity Out of Payroll

Payroll is a complicated component of your accounting system, primarily because of the number of tax treatments, government regulations, & deadlines that go into the payroll process. While most payroll software will help you to fulfill some of the payroll requirements, many business owners find payroll burdensome and stressful.

List of Payroll Services

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Payroll Processing

Includes but is not limited to weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, to quarterly payroll check processing, from one to one hundred employees.

Direct Deposit

The most convenient form of fund delivery, employee pay is directly deposited into the employees’ bank accounts.

Paycheck Printing & Courier Delivery

Employee paychecks are printed on two part paper checks and delivered to clients’ place of business for distribution.

Payroll Delivery by Email or Fax

Reports and payroll information is communicated by email or fax. The client is responsible for delivering checks stubs and issuing net paychecks to their employees.

Electronic Tax Liability Payments

Payroll Services include the calculation and accumulation of payroll taxes which are then electronically transferred from the employer’s business bank account to the taxing authorities.

Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Payroll services include the population and delivery of all required reports including, Forms 941, 944, 940, 132, OQ, WR, W-3, & W-2s.

QuickBooks Payroll Training

QuickBooks offers payroll processing software to generate paychecks and calculate payroll tax liabilities. However the software is still limited in its capabilities. New users may want to hire a payroll professional to answer questions and help get the payroll started.

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