Start Your Books On the Right Foot!

Smart business owners and managers know the importance of keeping a close eye on their company’s financial records. Without them, sound business decisions based on solid financial numbers cannot be made. Rogue Tax Professionals understand your company’s needs. We are ready to work with you to setup and maintain your bookkeeping so that you always know your company’s financial position.

List of Bookkeeping Services

We are passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits reduce liability and saving money through better bookkeeping. Here is a full list of our bookkeeping services. Contact us for a free consultation when you are ready to learn more.

Full Charge Bookkeeping

Full charge bookkeeping services include but are not limited to: data entry & bank reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable & customer billing, cash management & analysis, and financial reporting.

Small Business Bookkeeping

By offering cost effective, professional bookkeeping services to small business, our clients can concentrate on their core competencies, while we perform ours.


QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks accounting software is the most utilized accounting software on the market as it’s user-friendly and affordable. In many cases clients prefer to do their own bookkeeping. For a minimal fee, we’ll setup a QuickBooks data file, chart of accounts, electronic bank download, and educate you or one of your employees on how to update and reconcile your own bookkeeping.

Financial Reporting & Budgeting

There are two types of bookkeepers: Those that perform simple bookkeeping tasks (e.g. data entry tasks, pay bills, make deposits, and reconcile bank payments) and those that also fully understand financial reporting as it pertains to your business. Rogue Tax is proud to offer you a comprehensive presentation of your financial position.


Bookkeeping Review & Oversight

Internal controls and segregation of duties are a very important component of an accounting system. We can help your organization mitigate loss due to fraud and/or incompetency by acting as a third party and fulfilling the bookkeeping review and oversight requirement.

Cash Management

Over the years we have developed a methodology of bookkeeping that allows us to easily understand the cash activity of a business or nonprofit. By utilizing this methodology we can recognize trends and use those trends to achieve financial goals in the future.


Nonprofit Grant Accounting

The bookkeeping requirements of nonprofits vary widely, grant accounting and reporting often dictate the complexity of a nonprofit’s bookkeeping needs. We have bookkeepers who are adept at providing the unique bookkeeping nonprofits require.


For a minimal, tax deductible investment, we will work with you one-on-one to setup your bookkeeping and teach you how to update and reconcile your own bookkeeping.

You’ll receive the following services:

  1. QuickBooks Data-File Setup – QuickBooks has an extensive interview process to make it “easy” for new users to setup their own bookkeeping. Unfortunately, most new users don’t know how to accurately answer the multitude of questions in order to optimize their experience.
  2. Chart of Accounts Setup – A concise and useful chart of accounts is perhaps the most important component of a company’s bookkeeping. The chart of accounts is used to derive financial information for analysis by management, and for use by your company’s tax accountant.
  3. Electronic Transaction Download Setup – by electronically downloading your bank’s transaction history, you can save time by avoiding manual data entry.
  4. Account Reconciliation Assistance – Reconciling your bank & credit card accounts is very important to verify the accuracy of your transaction history.
  5. Financial Statement Assistance – By reviewing your financial statements you will be able to know your company’s financial position, and you will be able to review your bookkeeping for accuracy.
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